HCDC – Chicago Project

James Dentley co-founder of Already Always Amazing has always had a passion to help his local community in Chicago and as a philanthropist and Revered as a role-model by his colleagues, Dentley received an iconic award from ‘U4G (Unite4: Good)’, A company dedicated to building a sustainable social good movement. It’s James personal goal to get people around the world active in spreading good by partnering with United 4 Good.

James has funded numerous programs and most recently ‘The Doty Foundation: Georgia Doty HIV & Hepatitis Community Outreach Inc. Hepatitis, HIV’, ‘A Safe Haven’ to help homeless people that are in sudden or chronic social and financial crisis address the root causes of their problems. Always Already, Amazing Children, and the H.C.D.C. Dentley believes it is our duty to give back and help children achieve sustainable self-sufficiency, educational tools, and resources for inner city children. Dentley never stops believing that with proper guidance and training you can achieve anything you desire in life.

James Dentley is committed to motivating and training today’s generation to be achievers and leaders as he introduces new audiences every day to “If I fall, I will get up, If I am beaten, I will return. I will never stop getting better, never.” and “This is why I live my dreams.” James Dentley’s audio series, ‘Mentor to Millions’ and ‘Interview with the Masters’, remains his all-time bestseller for its acclaimed impact worldwide.

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for life.”

“I began with the simple mission to help business-minded people to increase revenue by creating additional income streams of value for their customers. Today we are focused on social giving and making a difference by doing good”

James Dentley – U4G Magazine2017

The Already Always Amazing aims to:

• Formulate development plans with churches.

• Discuss project in depth with relevant government officials.

• Provide resources to church leaders to expand their message.

• Gain permits and government approval.

• Set project timeline.

• Raise funds.

• Purchase real estate for their local congregations.

• Commence construction into helping build community shelters..