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unite4:good is a social good engine, where people come to be passionate about helping others and spread acts of community kindness. Our platform is an environment where caring for one another is the norm. What we’re here to do is give you the microphone to stand up and make your actions heard and recognized.  

We want your passion to shine through and encourage others to do the same. We already live in a society where we use “likes” in a way that doesn’t necessarily create change. At unite4:good your likes mean votes, which equals change and progress for others. Your one deed creates a domino effect in increasing global good; it encourages others to share their experiences and bring awareness to issues that may not get as much attention.  All of this leads to an expanding universe of social connectivity.  

We want to fund as many of these needs as possible, with you at our side. Join the movement and start contributing to change in the world now! 

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For only $50.00 AUD you can help feed a family.

Food packs comprise:
Oil 3L
Rice 5kg
Pasta 2kg
Turkish Egg Noodles 1kg
Burgel [cracked wheat fine] 2kg
Burgel [cracked wheat course] 2kg
Butter 1kg
Sugar 3kg
Salt 2kg
Chickpeas 1kg
Fava Beans 800g
Hummus 800g
Tahini 800g
Cheese 3pk
Tea 1pk
Herbs and Spices