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Ms. Smith is an advocate for women’s business and economic power.  She serves on various boards amplifying women’s voices in business to legislators, championing funding and opportunities for women to build sustainable and viable economic power.  Ms. Smith, also known as Ms. Mogul® utilizes keynote speaking opportunities, leadership development,  mentoring, entrepreneurial ventures, and global enterprise to not only fuel the Houston economy but women’s businesses in global economies.

Ms. Smith is the founder and CEO of a multi-faceted brand.

Here are her accomplishments

  • Founder of #CreateYourOwnEconomies ® Movement, established in 2019,

  • Founder of Mommies Creating Economies®,

  • CEO and Founder of MOGUL-U Real Estate Academy,

  • Founder of ROAR!® Women’s Network and annual ROAR® Women’s Leadership Summit,

  • Founder of Legacy Leadership Institute for Girls, and Girls Global Leadership Day, celebrated October 11 in accordance with the United Nations’ Day of the Girl Child,

  • Founder of Houston Business Symposium: Growing Small Businesses. Fueling Houston’s Economy.

  • Host of Master Your Morning® Podcast

  • She is also the former Director of Public Policy for National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and a member and committee member of Women’s Council of National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB).

Ms. Smith is the author of a debut book, The Roar Of A Woman and  will publish her sophomore book, Create Your Own Economy: Your Guide To Real Estate Investing Success, summer of 2020.

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