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An experienced instructor, licensed minister, and success coach, Dr. Tamela Odom uses her platform to motivate audiences to acquire the skills needed to achieve their goals. She uses relationship-building techniques and Biblical principles as support to encourage others not to just dream big, but to turn those dreams into reality.

Dr. Odom earned a Bachelor’s degree from Concordia University River Forest, Illinois. During her undergraduate college career, she was met with many obstacles that could have deterred her from graduating from college. Instead of becoming discouraged, she used her challenges to press forward toward graduation. She holds a masters degree in Non-Profit Management from Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership Chicago, Illinois. She also holds a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Transformational Leadership from Concordia University, Portland, Oregon. Earning a doctorate degree was the ultimate challenge for Dr. Odom, but she remained focused on the scripture II Chronicles 15:7 during those times where the task became frustrating, difficult, and appeared impossible to achieve: “But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded” (New International Version).

On the media front, Dr. Odom hosted “Hotline 21,” for six years, a weekly, live call-in broadcast on CAN-TV Channel 21, a public access cable station. Throughout this program, she discussed a variety of topics to aid viewers on setting and achieving realistic goals. She now hosts on occasion as a featured host. She hosted “Today’s Teen,” a show for teens on the same network discussing contemporary issues. As a radio personality, Dr. Odom hosted a live weekly talk-radio show entitled, “Your Motivational Moment” for five years via TCM Internet Radio. Dr. Odom currently hosts, “Friday Night Live at 5” on social media where she shares motivational messages and life coaching techniques to help viewers develop a plan for success in the midst of setbacks, fear, and distractions.

As the author of the 2011 book, Run the Race: A Guide to Successful Living, Dr. Odom shares personal stories of struggles, conflicts, and roadblocks encouraging readers not to lament life’s obstacles, but to use them as motivation to conquer and emerge a winner. She is also a certified life coach with a life purpose emphasis and a certified professional life coach. It is Dr. Odom’s desire to use these professional skills to give back to her clients quality coaching that will help them both find their personal path of success and remain focused to stay on the path to achieving their life’s goals.

Dr. Odom offers inspiring workshops, seminars, and coaching sessions promoting personal and professional awareness and development. She is a powerful and thought-provoking keynote speaker. Dr. Odom conducts faith-based leadership workshops and serves as a consultant to ministry leaders with a desire to expand its reach to positively impact the masses.

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