LuAnn Mitchel – Female Entrepreneur – Canada 3 Yrs. in a Row

As entrepreneur, corporate executive, author, motivational speaker, Motivational Movie Star, philanthropist and mother, LuAn Mitchell has lived a life of wide experience, harsh reality and repeated triumph.

Mitchell has reached the pinnacle of business success being named Canada’s Number One Female Entrepreneur for three successive years on a “cross country” search by Chatelaine and Profit Magazines. On the international stage, she has been honored annually since 2001 by the Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World. McGill University of Montreal has named Mitchell as the 2003 recipient of the McGill Management Achievement Award for excellence of achievement in business and community service.

Mitchell’s business experience began as a young entrepreneur with BIG Dreams… with a Bank loan of 20,000.00 and starting her own salon, spa and modeling school, with a staff of 15, (including her own Mother!)  In her successful business future as Chair of the Board of Directors – shepherding Mitchell’s Gourmet Foods from the brink of bankruptcy to one of Canada’s most successful value-added food processors, she has learned MUCH, and she wants to share it with you NOW!

Mitchell’s life is a story of struggle and survival. From the country kid who was taunted as “Elly May” at her high school, to the confident mother of four young children who rose to command one of Canada’s largest food processing companies, and now motivates millions all over the WORLD, she has always triumphed, although she has also endured much, she is always ready to “start fresh,” and she has the tools you need to know about, and use for your own success!

Dubbed, a “pageant girl,” She grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada. In 1984, she represented the City of Saskatoon in the Miss Canada Pageant, but this was no, “Piece of FLUFF!”

Fred Mitchell was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis just before he and LuAn were married in August, 1986. After nearly dying of the disease, he survived a rare heart and double lung transplant in 1990. But their troubles were just beginning: a battle for the family business erupted and Fred and LuAn were forced out. They sold their home to continue the fight, eventually winning control of one portion of Mitchell’s Gourmet Foods.

To keep abreast of mega-mergers in the grocery business, massive expansion of Mitchell’s was required. Fred and LuAn developed an aggressive plan to finance the expansion by taking the company public. Just before the company was to be listed on the stock exchange, during a routine medical checkup, Fred Mitchell died in October, 1998. Leaving LuAn a young widow in her thirties!

Assuming LuAn didn’t have the will to run the meatpacking business, the corporate vultures began to circle. LuAn had other ideas: After assembling a game plan with her children on the home front, when her eldest son, (then ten years of age) asked, with tears in his eyes, “Mommy, can we pay the mortgage?” “Yes, son, yes, we can, don’t you worry, we will be just fine. I promise!” Well, she lied, but it was a “white lie,” and as she hugged her young son, she got busy, first in her mind, then with doing her “leg work.” She rallied her board members, her shareholders, her employees and her customers and, ultimately, she drove the vultures away. With her “hand’s on,” perspective of the company and its “ideal consumer, the biggest boldest moves, and focusing in on target market.” The woman made a “blueprint,” for the future of their family, and business, and she intended to implement it.

She orchestrated a strategic partnership that facilitated a $45 million expansion and creation of hundreds of new jobs. In late 2002 LuAn needed to reinvent herself and her lifestyle yet again, she remarried, and after a deep and soulful look at where she and the company needed to go for the greatest good for all, she sold her interest in the now strong company in a move that has people still shaking their head’s and saying, how did she do all that so fast, and so well?

LuAn is ready to share all her secrets, and, as documented in testimonial after testimonial, received after she shares her knowledge, and simple principles with others… she has been moving mountains with and for others all over the world as well!

Concentrating now only on her motivational books, CD’s, seminars, and many global public appearances, and as host of her own show, Millionaire Mentor on Voice America an internet radio global Success network… She is committed to helping others grow and manifest their own greatness every day, in every way!

Mitchell released her first book, Paper Doll: Lessons Learned From A Life Lived In The Headlines, on February 1, 2004. Drawing on her vast array of life experiences, now this book has been re released in paperback, by Executive Books titled, Leadership lessons learned by the Impossible Dreamer, in which Mitchell shares her strategies of meeting with and overcoming adversity – turning tragedy into triumph. She has learned how to achieve her dreams and live a fulfilled and happy life on many levels. She will share with you her secrets about surviving – and succeeding – in a hectic and often unpredictable world. Now her newest “teaching” book “The Woman MVP that set you FREE” ~ play quarterback with the BIG BOYS and WIN! Is out in paperback, published by Executive Books!

Children’s literacy and environmental awareness are among Mitchell’s many interests. She has written several children’s stories and visited many schools and children’s hospitals to give away free coloring books with positive messages for youth which she has authored and she also gives readings to the classes. From 1990 to 1994, she served as an advisor to “Kids for Saving Earth, North America.” She also holds a patent on “Save The Planet,” an environmental board game she invented, and has given away for FREE to children, and colleges all over the world.

Mitchell is an active community volunteer, having served on the Board of Directors of several charitable organizations, including the United Way, YWCA and Junior Achievement.

Mitchell is founder, President and CEO of Save The Planet Holdings. LuAn and her story are proudly featured in many motivational books, collections, and movies. She has served on several outside boards including The Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World, Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government Women’s Leadership Board and the University of Saskatchewan’s Institute of Agricultural, Rural and Environmental Health. Mitchell is in constant demand as a corporate, and motivational speaker on many levels, and she has appeared on stage with all time great Mark Victor Hansen, (Chicken Soup for the Soul co author) and been seen on the internationally-acclaimed Hour of Power television broadcast more than once as a featured guest of Rev. Robert Schuller, both of whom have powerfully endorsed LuAn and her efforts to help others, comments from many who believe in LuAn and her mission, appear on her books, CD’s and websites.

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