Pattie Sadler – Publisher

At New Life Clarity project our role is to lead you to find clarity and set specific goals  and being accountable to reach them.  We will provide you with valuable tools that you can use over and over to create a better life that you might have thought were unreachable.  There is nothing that you cannot achieve if you are ready to step forward and place things into motion and make them known.  You can manifest your greatest desires! More spirituality, lasting and trusting relationships, self confidence, better health and body image, financial and career goals finally within reach, and those personal development opportunities that you need to create a better you. At New Life Clarity Project, our highest priority is YOU the client and where you are going.  Let’s navigate your future to be an amazing and creative one that will leave a legacy worth having.  These principals are universal and you can be guaranteed that if you are ready to take action, you can manifest a reality!

Pattie Sadler is an author, speaker, ILV & PTSD Certified Coach, who has a passion for the human condition. First responder and gifted trainer, she assists business owners, sales teams, entrepreneurs, and authors to find clarity in all areas of life. She truly lives life with passion.  She offers coaching on a comprehensive level assisting others to manifest their life vision to become a reality.  An expert in life changing and transition, she can assist you to declare just where you are going and create it!  Take on your life today with Pattie Sadler!

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