Rhona Benett

A native of Chicago’s vibrant music and performing arts scenes, Rhona Bennett (Miss R&B) has the voice, style, gritty sense of self-determination and lifelong dedication to her craft which has helped her realize her dream and much more.

Some know her as Miss R&B, others know her as Coach Rho. Rhona Bennett has committed her life to her passion for embracing her power through entertainment and helping others embrace their own personal power.

Miss R&B embraces a 21st-century approach when it comes to the fusion of her two passions, Entertainment and ‘Personal Power’ Life Coaching. On her original web-based broadcast, Perspective’s Corner with Rhona ‘Rho’ Bennett, Rhona shared empowering information to assist her audience with thriving in life, while music helped to tell the story.

She has since shifted gears and is bringing her experience and insight to her latest endeavor, ‘Music Wise’, a podcast co-hosted with Bindu DeKnock, an Intellectual Property attorney and musician living in The Netherlands. It’s a foreign exchange of incredible information supporting indie artists and anyone interested in a wholistic approach to success.

You can also join Coach Rho on Monday’s or Wednesday’s for ‘morning talks with rho’☕️where she and her listeners support each other in connecting, healing and growing in every aspect of life.

Since the creation and expansion of Rhona’s vision, several ancillary projects have sprouted and are taking root. You can expect to see more books, music, show developments, paraphernalia, and several products and services provided by her companies, Butterfly In Flight, Inc. and Operation 11, LLC. Be sure to visit Personal Power University, her online coaching school, and see the courses provided!

Today, Rhona is passionate about empowering others to unlock their personal power, with her work on and off the stage.


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