Dr. Money

Meet Dr. Money aka Dr. Stephanie Ardrey, President & CEO

Blu Diamond Capital & Blu Diamond Advisory

I started Blu Diamond Capital in 2012 to support commercial tenants seeking retail, industrial, and office spaces. I also felt that these smaller clients would benefit from the strategic real estate, finance and business solutions.

I later added Blu Diamond Advisory to go beyond the real estate focus and include firms needing to address capital, capacity, and customer acquisition strategies along with insights on how to remain relevant and competitive in a global economy. For many clients, they need more than a transactional relationship, but an overview of how their operations are structured, and insight on how to improve processes.

Imagine seeking capital and also finding capital resources within your existing operations; this becomes a double benefit by using Blu Diamond Advisory and Blu Diamond Capital as the solutions provider.

I hold Lean Six Sigma Black Belt – which is about process improvements. In this way I’m able to evaluate the client requirements and assist them with identifying process improvements to become more efficient. When this happens, the bottom-line is improved. Many times, these opportunities are presented when sourcing new capital for these clients.

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